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Second Spring

Second Spring Organic Sprouted Chickpeas 350g


No pre-soaking required! Sprouted chickpeas are high in protein and an excellent source of fibre, not to mention delicious and versatile. Sprouting chickpeas reduces cook time, improves digestibility and enhances taste and texture. Great for hummus, stews, salads and curries.


Sprouted chickpeas (also known as sprouted garbanzo beans) are a great choice for plant-based protein. They are high in fibre, an excellent source of protein and a good source of iron. Their tender, buttery texture and distinct earthy flavour is perfect for a wide variety of dishes.

It is widely recommended that you soak dried chickpeas overnight to reduce their cook time and ease digestive discomfort. Sprouted chickpeas have already been through a slow soaking, sprouting and drying process, so you can skip the pre-soaking step. This makes preparation much quicker and more convenient, no thinking ahead needed! Sprouting actually goes a step further than soaking to aid in digestion, reduce phytic acid, enhance their taste and texture, and cut their cook time in half. Cooking sprouted chickpeas is very easy, simply boil in water. If you’re looking for alternatives, like cooking in a pressure cooker.

They are wonderful whole, pureed or roasted. Use for delicious creamy hummus, hearty salads, soups, curries and more. Roast with spices and enjoy as a crunchy snack or salad topper. You can even blend them with your morning smoothie to add a thick, creamy texture and a boost of nutrition. Simply swap 1:1 with unsprouted or canned chickpeas.


Organic Sprouted Chickpeas


After sprouting, we carefully dry the beans back down to their shelf-stable moisture levels. This means you can store them as you would store unsprouted beans – in a cool, dry place.

Once you cook your sprouted pulses, they should be stored in an air-tight container in the fridge.

Shelf life: 2 years

Second Spring Organic Sprouted Chickpeas 350g