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Your health and wellbeing are our top priority!

We put time and care into sourcing top quality brands from around the world. We’re proud to carry many locally-made products and introduce you to new brands we know you’ll love!

cime, organic skin care


We use a maximum of natural and certified organic ingredients in our prescriptions, that make your skin look radiant and healthy. We believe that no synthetic formula can match the power of nature, so we do not use synthetic ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfumes and propylene glycol. Our natural and organic cosmetics have been granted the ECOCERT or COSMOS label by the independent certification body ECOCERT Greenlife.
carina organics, organic hair care


At Carina, we have chosen a healthier approach to manufacturing self-care products. Since Carina's inception in 1972, replacing chemical and synthetic ingredients with natural and organic plant extracts, essences, and oils has been central to our focus and philosophy. This simple formula has helped Carina and its products become recognized and preferred internationally. Organic ingredients such as palm kernel extract and coconut provide our shampoo products with mild, yet effective, cleansing properties and The foam produced is rich and creamy. This is due to the essential tree, herb, fruit and flower extracts that are added to complement our formulations. In our skin creams and conditioners, organic essences and oils from avocado, olive, flax seed, pumpkin seed and sunflower help the skin to naturally retain and maintain its moisture level and hydration so it does not dry out prematurely.
nova socia fisherman, organic skin care


Today, Nova Scotia Fisherman makes a full line of natural skin care & body care products, right here in Nova Scotia. There are no added preservatives, artificial colours, artificial scents, and no animal testing used in any of our products. We use certified organic natural oils. We infuse all of our skin care products with powerful Atlantic Sea Kelp, harvested locally from one of the richest marine ecosystems on Earth, The Bay of Fundy. Our lotions and soaps use no animal products and are vegan friendly, while our balms use natural beeswax. Why is making product consciously important to us? It's a maritime, fisherman way. Having pride in your work, pride in your lands, and pride in your heritage, is a way of life in Atlantic Canada. It's possible to make a superior, clean product at a fair price point, provide value for people all around the world - right from a rural, maritime town. We accept the challenge.
trillium skin care, organic skin care


Our approach to the products in the Trillium Skincare line is quite straightforward. We will only sell products that we love and would buy and use ourselves. This means that the products must work and do the things they say, while being safe and healthy for our skin. What goes into our products is fundamental to our approach. The line is based on some of the most powerful botanical ingredients found in nature. We produce products that are as natural as possible, yet provide the clinical results being sought by savvy consumers. Our ingredients are cruelty free, non-GMO (many are certified organic) and we avoid questionable chemicals that go in many products because of their low cost.

Every brand in our store is equally dedicated to a healthy lifestyle

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