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At Ann Wellness, your wellbeing matters

This is why we focus on carrying a wide range of ethically-sourced, sustainably-made, natural and organic products. Our extensive selection of both locally and globally sourced items include: skincare, personal care and wellness products. By partnering directly with qualified manufacturers, we are able to bypass traditional distribution systems and bring you the finest products at the lowest prices. Stop by our store today and let us help you enhance your beauty and health regimes!

As a mother of two wonderful girls, ensuring that my family stays healthy is my biggest priority

When my eldest was born 14 years ago, I decided to explore products that were naturally-made. During my research, I learned that many parents also had the same desire: to nourish their children and maintain their household with products that don’t negatively impact the environment (and their wallet). 

Once I made the switch, surrounding family and friends came to me as a guide for their own wellness journey and even started purchasing the same products I used. When working in marketing and sales for international companies like Unilever and Perfetti Van Melle, I had the opportunity to work with many inspiring leaders who made a positive impact on my life. The healthy lifestyle they led at home allowed them to bring infectious energy and passion to work.

The combination of my personal and work experience ultimately inspired me to open Ann Wellness. My goal now is to use the knowledge I’ve gained to help others lead happier, healthier lives. 

Owner: Nhu (Phoebe) Tran

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