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CÎME Skincare

CÎME Skincare boxes


The double cleanse set offers an extraordinary experience of burden-free on your face ever! Followed is the brightened and softness that the nutrient creams will bring to the skin.

These skincare boxes include:
1 x Recette de Pureté - Oil cleanser & make-up remover 100ml
1 x Rosée de Roses - Cleansing & tonifying lotion 150ml
1 x the moisturizer that matches the skin type of your choice

For dry or mature skin you will get:
Under my Skin | Repairing day & night cream 50mL

For combination or oily skin you will get:
Daisy Delight - Brightening day & night cream 50ml

For normal or sensitive skin you will get:
Belle d'amour | Antioxidant day & night cream 50mL

Not sure which skin type you have? Then take the CÎME skincare test HERE
It will also tell you which of our skincare boxes best suits your skin type!

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CÎME Skincare boxes